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Executive Coaching Goals

The goals of our Executive Coaching program for a business are, among other things, to prepare senior management for upcoming changes, to support managers in effectively taking on new duties, and to accompany managers through crises. Coaching programs are therefore important building stones in the development of HR and the HR work of modern companies. For the coachee, the manager, or the executive that means: working through his or her issues together with the coach, that is, finding and developing new ways to recognize, clarify and address those issues.

The leadership qualities of executives and managers are these days increasingly measured by the ability to motivate and inspire themselves and others, and guide others to improved performance.
They are under constant pressure to make important decisions in a complex system of work and business relationships. They must use their available time with ever more efficiency, and simultaneously keep an overview. At the same time they have to protect their private lives as much as possible and maintain free time to rejuvenate and relax.

Chemistry Meetings

We face up to these high demands with you in confidential individual interviews. We use your existing abilities as executives and our abilities as coaches, proceeding together to draw out and nourish the best in you.

We help you to identify and emphasize areas in which you would like to develop yourself. All the coaches in the Change Group are distinguished by many years of executive experience and experience in HR development and creativity. We measure our success directly by your ability to implement the results of our coaching program in your professional performance improvement.

Individual Programs

Our Executive Coaching program is not off the rack, to fit just anyone, and it is not business consultancy. Our service is comparable to a custom-made suit. We tailor a program for you, which you can use to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of your daily professional life and accomplish your agenda faster and better.

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