• Executive Coaching makes sense
  • It’s all about you
  • We guide you through difficult times
  • Take an innovative look at the future
  • Enhance your strength and resilience
  • Dare to have a little fun

Executive Coaching

Our premium services rolled into one coaching program

Coaching is a rapidly growing element of contemporary human resources development. Our programs are particularly geared for managers, experts, and executives. We also bring years of experience with partners in law firms and corporate consultancies to the table. Since our client support includes providing advice in decision-making processes, we refer to our programs as Executive Coaching.

Executives prepare themselves for pending changes with our programs. Coaching provides them with support to optimally master change processes and crises. Our Executive Coaching programs help you to maintain efficiency and improve your performance.

Coaching counts…

When we review the history of Executive Coaching in the North American market, we see that it is has a long-standing acceptance rate that clearly exceeds current acceptance in the German-speaking market. Over there, managers engage coaches to assist them in mastering change processes or crises and to sustainably increase their performance. But coaching acceptance is rapidly growing in our part of the world as well. This is predominantly due to the fact that studies clearly indicate that the cost of coaching pays off for those companies that invest.

…and it pays off, too

A study on Fortune 500 executives by the Manchester Group confirms that

  • the investment in Executive Coaching is returned 5.7 times
  • the executives who participated in the Executive Coaching programs were able to increase productivity by 53%
  • the work quality of the managers improved by 48%

Our clients endorse coaching as an investment that pays off.