Goals and Content

COACHING GOALS – Why do you need a coach?

Today, the management qualities of executives and managers are increasingly measured on their ability to motivate and inspire themselves and others, and to promote increased performance in others with their guidance. They are under constant pressure to function properly, to communicate correctly, and to reach the right decisions in a complex system of work and business relationships. They are required to use the time allotted to them with an increased degree of efficiency, while still keeping track of all their responsibilities. Throughout all this, they want to shield their private lives as best they can, by allowing themselves to relax and refuel.

Does this description fit to you?

You don’t want to seek advice from your boss or colleague. You don’t want to show any weakness or risk being vulnerable. You don’t want to burden your family with your work-related problems. You want to reserve the little time you spend with your friends to enjoy yourself and besides, they don’t really have the insight or experience about your job to be able to give you advice.

If this describes your situation, Executive Coaching may be the answer for you. You can discuss your concerns with a qualified professional, develop alternative strategies and learn how to use your energy, talent and time more appropriately and efficiently. Within the secure framework of a coaching program, you and your coach can see what the impact is if you communicate and respond differently and what it would be like once you present yourself and your opinion in a completely different manner.

CHEMISTRY MEETING – Is the chemistry right?

If you are interested in a coaching program, give us a call. The first appointment is a non-binding meet-up that is free of charge. You tell us about your situation and your concerns. First we introduce ourselves and then we explain how you can benefit from a coaching program, the probable duration, and the anticipated costs. You decide if you want to work with one of our coaches.

On your request, we will even supply you with references at the Chemistry Meeting.

COACHING PROGRAM – What do I get for my money?

Our Executive Coaching programs are not one-size-fits-all. Our services are tailor-made: we customize your program to fit your needs, which reflects your current situation. The objective of our programs is to provide you with the support that you need to be better equipped to master your daily workflows, to achieve your goals faster and more effectively, and to better enable you to implement your ideas.

COACHING CONTENT – What’s the story behind this?

We base your coaching program on your existing competencies. We cooperate with you to develop a program that makes the most of the skills that you already have and enables you to apply them sustainably. We deliberate with you to identify habits and behavior that make a negative statement about you, impede you, or simply waste your time. And we provide you with step-by-step support to change these habits until they are completely erased. We are happy to provide you with a push in the right direction by identifying those areas in which you can develop further and assist you in doing so.

QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED COACHES – What makes them so special?

All Change Group coaches have successfully completed professional training and bring years of experience to the table, particularly from their executive positions held in (major) international corporations. We know the challenge that you face from our previous experience. In our function as coaches, we have provided clients with the answers to those exact same questions, which you need to answer today.

SUCCESS WITH COACHING – What can I achieve?

We measure our success according to your ability to implement the results of the coaching program, in the form of changes to your daily professional routine. Our mission is to improve your performance and to promote your confidence and resilience. When you measure up, we measure up.