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Creating an environment that is suitable for the specific demands of digital transformation projects is absolutely critical for success. It starts with fundamental approach taken to such projects, and extends to product development, business planning and controlling, and the particular needs of qualified and experienced personnel in the digital sector.

Over the past several years, commonly accepted best practices based on the journeys of thousands of companies have emerged. Unlike many consultants, we are not only theoretically familiar with those best practices, but have successfully applied them in practice as founders and CEOs of various digital ventures. Due to our backgrounds, we know exactly how approaches and methodologies are intertwined, and are familiar with pitfalls along the road.

“New Work” and the specific requirements of success critical team members with experience in the digital industry are not just academic topics for us. We know exactly how to approach such challenges also within larger entities, because we have been doing just this for many years.

Return on investment for spending resources on this is immediate and beyond significant. It saves time, ill fated investments, and unnecessary challenges with HR topics. And it builts foundations for the continued success of your business.


Digital Business Models

Many industries are currently adapting to digital challenges and opportunities, and are transforming their products and services into scalable digital business models. We support you on the entire journey, ranging from a custom tailored analysis of the status quo and the targeted identification of business opportunities and required pivots to supporting the development of products and processes using iterative optimization steps. Depending on your specific requirements, we apply a variety of customized workshops, consultancy services, or coaching sessions.



Artificial Intelligence

Most digital services, products and business models can be significantly scaled and optimized with artificial intelligence applications. However, such applications have their individual strengths, limitations, requirements and needs regarding successful implementation and integration. Therefore it is critical to identify and properly match the right technologies for each individual project.

We support you with identifying the right methods of artificial intelligence for your particular digital services, products, and business models. This ranges from a custom tailored analysis of the status quo and the identification of most suitable technologies to supporting the development of software solutions in collaboration with proven partners.


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