We find the most brilliant minds in the business

When we recruit managers and executives who are a good fit for you and an asset to your company team, our approach is hallmarked by discretion, efficiency, and speed. Our Executive Search services are designed for sustainable and measurable success. The executives who receive our recommendation due to their achievements in the past, will establish the foundation for the performance of your company in the future. Executives and managers who we recruit for you will significantly improve the performance figures and key indicators in the areas that you want to strengthen.

We follow the highest standards

Placing our focus on the successful execution of each individual recruitment order is our top priority for filling management positions. That is why we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in regard to service, project management, search speed, and confidentiality. Each of our consultants personally oversees their projects and is supported by a professional researcher. We assign one dedicated contact partner to work with each of our clients and the candidates they meet upon our recommendation, and provide project support from beginning to end.

We are dedicated to quality and transparency

The extreme diligence that we exercise in our research activities, our selection process, and in the manner we address potential candidates for new positions is fundamental to our operations. We ensure that at least three quarters of the relevant search fields required for the identification of executives and managers are displayed for recruitment orders by our clients. As a result of the size and specialization of our company, we are usually able to avoid conflicts of interest and off-limits issues, as well as the limitations presented by the search fields at larger human resources consultancies.

We believe that discretion is paramount

The cornerstone for all of our activities regarding cooperation with clients and candidates is complete discretion. We are career consultants, whose profession is to diligently match the interests of our clients with the career goals of candidates seeking a new professional challenge.

We drive harmonious solutions

We approach all participants to candidly discuss potential conflicts of interest, which might arise within a recruiting project, and to find mutually agreeable, viable solutions. In order to work effectively, professionally, and quickly, we keep a large portion of the relevant search fields “free” for recruitment projects in industrial or economic sectors. We provide you with transparent information if we determine that a recruitment project could pose a possible conflict of interest with other projects, the interests of potential candidates or those of other clients.

We are fast, incredibly fast

Speed is a decisive factor for successful headhunting. As soon as we receive a briefing from our client, we approach those candidates who are suitable for the vacancy. Our extensive network allows us to do this immediately and directly. Aside from directly approaching potentials, we contract researchers to identify additional candidates who are suited to fill our client’s vacancy. We aim to successfully complete every project within a maximum period of three months after being contracted.

We guarantee: 3 candidates in 4 weeks

We find at least three suitable candidates within the first four weeks after being contracted. We are able to deliver in the shortest possible time due to our expertise, market proximity, and our network of executives and managers in the relevant segments. Within just a few weeks, we successfully establish contact to those candidates, who correspond to the specific profile of our client and who are serious choices for the vacant position.

We are your global partner

We are multilingual and bring international education and work experience to the table. That’s why we feel at home around the world. We research and recruit candidates from around the world for jobs in Germany. In collaboration with our global partners, we go beyond borders to realize European and international recruitment projects.