The Recruitment Process

This is how we match candidates who seek companies

“Candidates” is the name we give those individuals who we seek on behalf of our clients. Our systematic search for candidates, who are potentially interested in a vacant position, includes the following steps:

  • BRIEFING: The discussion with the client about the order, the search strategy, and the potential candidates
  • SEARCH PROFILE: A document containing all relevant information, which interested candidates receive about the company and the vacant position
  • LIST OF TARGET COMPANIES: List of companies, where those individuals who we consider potentials could work
  • RESEARCH: Identify and address potential candidates
  • INTERVIEWS: Talks with candidates, who have shown interest and are suitable for recruitment
  • LONGLIST: Preselect and compile an initial list of candidates, who are suitable for the vacancy
  • SHORTLIST: Additional list with those candidates from the longlist, who the client would like to meet
  • APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Presentation documents from those candidates, who the client would like to meet
  • JOB INTERVIEWS: Interviews with managers and employees of the client, particularly potential superiors, colleagues, and coworkers
  • REFERENCE CHECK: Obtain information about the candidate and their professional history from previous employers, colleagues, or customers
  • HIRING DECISION: Select the candidate, who the client wants to hire and who should receive an offer
  • ONBOARDING: Support for initial training and organizational integration in the company of the client

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Within the context of a recruitment order, a comprehensive briefing is conducted. The fundamentals of the order are discussed in this briefing and the following points are reviewed:

  • The company of the client, including its philosophy and strategy
  • The position to be filled and the requirements profile
  • The scope of responsibility, the organizational assignment, key responsibilities, and the reporting channels of the position to be filled
  • The financial scope and benefit package of the vacant position
  • Addition information relevant to the vacancy, which are useful when conducting interviews with qualified candidates
  • The relevant group of persons, which should be closely involved in filling the position through participation in interviews and job interviews

We create a search profile, which describes the professional and personal qualities of the ideal candidate and their core competencies, based on the briefing. This profile comprises:

  • Description of the company
  • Job profile and description of the vacant position
  • Key responsibilities and strategic goals of the position
  • Professional and character-specific requirement expectations on the candidate
  • Professional requirements and the ideal steps in career development
  • Experiential focus of the ideal candidate
  • Desired core competencies of the candidate

We coordinate this search profile with the client. It subsequently becomes a binding framework for the search process.

Each project that we handle receives support from a professional researcher. Researcher and consultant specify target industries and companies, speak about individual potential candidates, and search strategies. Consultant and researcher regularly exchange information that they have gathered from talks with their dialogue partners and about individuals who are seeking a new professional challenge.

We conduct in-depth interviews with individuals who seem essentially suited for the position due to their previous professional experience, and who are interested in an initial exchange of ideas about the vacant position. First, we review their personal and professional qualifications. Then, we speak openly with the potential candidate about whether the vacant position is truly the right next move for their career.

We prepare a list with those individuals who we consider prime candidate material for the position offered by our client, and who are the best match to the search profile. In a discussion with the client, we speak about the individuals on this list and their strengths and weaknesses in regard to the vacant position. The client subsequently selects individual candidates, who he would like to meet, and we update the search profile with any additional criteria that the client considers relevant.

We cooperate with the client to preselect or shortlist those candidates who the client wants to meet. On request by our client, we independently shortlist 3 to 5 candidates who we think are the best match for the position.

On request by our client, we prepare a brief profile of those candidates who the client wants to meet. This profile contains the following information:

  • Personal data
  • School, studies, and vocational training
  • Career history and experiential focus
  • Current position, salary, and benefit package
  • Evaluation of the personal and professional qualifications in regard to the vacant position

For projects where both the budget and schedule is tight, the client may request that we supply them with résumés of individuals who are interested in their company or links to relevant data in social networks.

We present our selection of candidates to our client in an initial personal meeting. We also generally provide our services at every follow-up interview between the client and the candidate, to support our client in evaluating the candidate, to coordinate the communication between the parties at each meeting, and to prepare a professional conclusion of contract.

In the case of mutual concrete interest, we top off the evaluation of promising candidates with reference checks and at least two personal reference interviews with input by independent reference providers. These can be previous direct superiors, colleagues, coworkers, or – in exceptional situations – even clients of the candidate. We will supply written documentation of the references on request by the client.

After holding interviews with the proposed candidates and the evaluation of the references obtained, the client reaches a decision for one candidate. And the candidate also makes his decision. We support both parties in the decision-making process as well as during contract negotiations.

We contact those candidates who did not receive an offer to explain the outcome of the selection process.

On request by the client, we function as a trained, impartial dialogue partner to support the onboarding process and the integration of the new manager. After concluding the several-month long recruitment and selection process, we know the company and the new manager and are therefore able to promptly address difficulties that may arise in integration or other processes, and provide assistance in solving them.