Arndt-Schwaiger-bDr. Arndt Schwaiger pursued master level studies in both computer science and business administration and holds a Ph.D. in engineering with a focus on artificial intelligence and big data from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

He founded his first company at the age of 17, developing computer games. This turned out to be the entrepreneurial starting point for several other ventures, among them one of the first German companies in the big data space, in partnership with software giant SAP. Today he serves on the boards of various highly innovative and successful companies and research institutions.

Triggered by his interest in entrepreneurship and science, Dr. Schwaiger has over the years coached and mentored more than 300 digital startup companies active in a broad range of industries. This has helped him to develop a unique treasure trove of experience, both on an HR and on an empirical level. In his consulting projects, he shares this experience with corporations and investors.

A particular focus of Dr. Schwaiger’s work is on data-driven analysis and management of digital business models and on topics related to artificial intelligence. His engagements range from trainings to developing and analyzing business models and KPI tools to implementing solutions in collaboration with highly qualified teams. Clients consistently point out his ability to always approach topics in an easily digestible and transparent way, no matter how complex they might be.

Dr. Schwaiger prefers his espresso black.